Lunga Riding Stables

Trail rides and lessons

The only ranch style stable in Scotland offering a unique western experience


We're based on the beautiful Lunga Estate, on the West Coast of Scotland. Open all year round, we offer trail rides and lessons for any experience and age over 4, taking out both individuals and group treks.

Enjoy stunning ocean views looking over the isles of Jura and Scarba, as well as hilly forest treks, with opportunities to ride across open hills for our more experienced riders.

For an unusual gift - why not buy a friend or loved one a voucher, valid for 6 months! You can buy for any ride or choose an amount of money for them to use at their leisure.

We are well aware of the change of the rules made on the 9th of August regarding Covid-19, however a mask is essential when riding for mounting and is only worn whilst we come in close contact. We hope you understand that the safety checks are carried out by members of staff.
It is optional if you wear a mask when riding and gloves are not permitted at the moment. 

Western Riding

We are the only place in Scotland which offers Western Riding with our dual trained horses, including classic American Appaloosas and Quarter horses!

English Riding

English riding takes many of its traditions and equipment from European mounted military styles. The saddle is smaller and lighter as all English saddles are designed to avoid interfering with the horse’s movement while providing a secure seat for the rider. Dressage, widely described as “ballet for horses” is always performed on English trained horses with English tack. Show jumping, racing, hacking, hunting, and polo are also events in which English riding is the norm. *Not our photos*

Western Riding

Western is a style of riding which evolved from the ranching and warfare traditions brought to the Americas. It is a disciplined, relaxed way of going in order to make hours in the saddle as comfortable as possible for both the horse and the rider. The horse is encouraged to carry itself in balance and is guided by small rein, leg and body movements. Anyone can learn to ride Western. Many people find it is easier as the design of the saddle offers more support, and the horse is trained to use smoother paces which are easier to sit to. It doesn't matter if you have never ridden a horse before or experienced in other riding disciplines. Our gentle horses will have you feeling confident in a short time. Come try it for yourself at just an extra £10pp!


Trail Rides

One Hour - £35 pp Two Hours - £60 pp Additional £10pp for Western

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Pub Rides

Four Hours - £100 pp

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*Riders Only due to Covid-19* Half Hour - £35 pp Three Quarter Hour - £45 pp

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*New* Saturday Club

2 groups - 6-7yrs and 8yrs+ Includes Riding and Horse management. £35pp

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Looking for accommodation?

We offer a beautiful one bedroom cottage with private garden and stunning views as seen in background picture. Contact us for more information and availability.

Lunga Esate also offer a range of self catering, pet friendly cottages and cabins around the estate, all within walking distance or 01852 500531


Western Week

First week in June every year

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meet the horses



Appaloosa X Dales


Welsh Section C




American Quarter Horse





Welsh Section A

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  • Mrs Patricia O'Reilly, Lunga Stables, Craobh Haven, Lochgilphead, Scotland, UK
  • PA31 8UU

In your message, please include your riding experience and the heights of weights of each of you. This ensures we have horses available.

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